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2022 Mission Viejo SMOC Summary

On the final day of the swim meet, 4 times Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Murphy swam the 100 Meter Backstroke in 53.49 seconds, although Murphy did scratch the finals, this time stands as his second fastest 2022 swim for this event. The fastest being 53.03. His fastest time ranks him second in the world this..


Coronial Moms Struggle

 A new generation is coming up! The name? Coronials.  Coronials are the babies born during Covid-19. The mothers of these babies had it hard during the Pandemic. Due to covid there were a lot of policies that made these pregnancies feel lonely. Policies for the OBGYN made giving birth very very lonely.  The UVA University..

Peer pressures

Peer pressure for high school students can cause so much damage not only for the students themselves but for their education as well. According to an article written by Alyssa Damm, peer pressure is when something causes conflict in an individual's life because it's the feeling of not fitting in, not being good enough, and..

Knotts or Disneyland!?

      Fun is always in season at Knott's Berry Farm! With dozens of rides, roller coasters, & attractions, in five themed areas, there is something for everyone! Disney's Home to many of your favourite rides with movie inspiration, baked treats and food everywhere you walk, and fun kid friendly rides.   Knott's Berry Farm began  in..

The Wonders of Stardew Valley

Ever since the release of the video game Stardew Valley on February 26, 2016 it has become a big hit with endless new adventures and quests, everlasting friendships, and a variety of different storylines the game has. It became a huge hit in the gaming/streaming world and has spread across many different content creators platforms. ..

Picasso and the paint

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, and ceramicist who spent most of his life in France. While he was great at many things, I'll be focusing on his art. Picasso's art style is unique and different, to say the least. Cubism, as he named it, is something Picasso started in Paris between..

Food or Plastic?

Even though over 37% of American adults eat fast food every single day, they might unintentionally be eating microplastics inside of their meal as well.  A recent study by the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology proves that there are in fact phthalates, a type of industrial chemical, inside some fast food items.  In..