E-books Vs. Books


Ebooks VS. Books! Which one will prevail victorious in this ongoing battle? Let’s take a peek at the pros and cons of Futuristic ebooks and the old time books made of paper.

There are some very good reasons as to why you would prefer reading online. 

  • No trees have to die for you to enjoy a story online. They are good for the environment.  They don't end up in the trash when they are damaged.
  • It takes more time to make a book than to make an ebook.
  • You can also change font size in an ebook. If you don’t have the best vision or if you prefer larger fonts this is the perfect way to read.

There are some reasons as to why some people might not like ebooks.

  • You have to stare at a screen to read an ebook. If you stare at a screen all day for school or even for work you might want to take a break from staring at the screen. You can strain your eyes. This may become a serious health issue.
  • You might not get the same satisfaction you might get when reading a real book.You can’t press flowers against the pages of an ebook. You can annotate and do so many things with real books that you might not be able to do in an ebook.

Some people might like to read a paper book for several reasons.

  • It might be more enjoyable for them.
  • On a printed book you have soft pages.
  • Printed books also help with keeping up with the plot. A study by the Guardian found out that readers recall information better when it is printed than when it is online. 

There are also some reasons as to why a printed book would be inconvenient. 

  • Some books are really big and can be bothersome to carry around.
  • It might be expensive to publish tons of books due to the need to pay for materials and the need to hire a printing press. Printed books use a lot of paper. It is not good for the environment due to the fact that millions of trees are being cut down to produce paper for our books. Last year thirty million trees were cut down just to make textbooks.

So who do you think will win this battle: ebooks or printed books?