Coastline ROP

 Have you ever thought about getting ahead with your career?

The Coastline Regional Occupational Program offers many classes that help you get started. 

These classes focus more on career technical skills and most classes offer transferable college credit.

  • agriculture 
  • natural resources
  • arts in Media 
  • Entertainment 
  • building and construction trades 
  • child development and family services
  • engineering and architecture health science
  • medical technology
  • Hospitality 
  • tourism and recreation
  • information and communication technologies 
  • marketing sales and service 
  • Public services 
  •  transportation

Some of the pathways that are offered during school hours are patient care, professional music, engineering design, visual and media arts, software & systems engineering, and child development. Some classes may even offer internships if you take it after a year. 

Registration starts during the beginning of each semester and some classes do fill quickly, so it’s recommended to sign up right when the registration window opens. During the summer, there are limited classes. 

ROP classes are a great opportunity to get ahead with your career or even just to explore possible careers. Most of these classes are really fun especially because it’s a lot of hands-on learning. 

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