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High School and Middle School MESA teams move onto state competition

The middle and high school MESA National Engineering Design Competition teams will be moving onto the state competition hosted by University of California, Los Angeles after placing first in their respective levels. The competition occurred on April 9th, with the awards given out on April 10th. There, the teams learnt that they had both placed..

Anti-Coup Protesters Clash Against Government Officials in Myanmar, Asia

As of March 2021, high-class officials in Asia have resorted to excessive violence against the people of Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi (Defacto Leader of the National League for Democracy) and her members were delayed by military force, causing protests all throughout Southeastern Asia. According to Christine Schraner Burgener (U.S Special Envoy for Myanmar), the..

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Club Refuge

Have you ever wanted to learn more about God, The Bible and have free pizza? Come join Club Refuge, a club all about teaching kids about God and how you are loved.  The goal of Refuge according to Lazaro, The President of Refuge, “Is to bring in kids who aren’t close to god. They could..