• 7:37 pm
  • Saturday
  • February 4, 2023

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CMHS & CMMS Sports

Final Four Prediction

This weekend on Saturday, April 2nd the second to last round of the so far very exhilarating March Madness tournament the, "Final Four" begins. At 3:00 PST 2 Villanova takes on 1 Kansas. For this game my prediction is that Kansas will win in a close game solely based on the unimaginable run that they've..

Cross Country CIF Wrap-up

Congratulations to the CMHS girls' varsity cross country team and Edward Rodriguez for making it to the CIF Prelims and Finals hosted at Mt. SAC (San Antonio College) on November 12th and 20th.  The famous Mt. SAC course is one of the harder races, known for its hills called "Switchback," "Poop-out," and "Reservoir." On the..