Aaron Rodgers is Coming Back Extremely Early From His Surgery

Aaron Rodgers is said to come back next week, but how is he coming back so quickly? 

Aaron Rodgers is an honorable quarterback in the NFL, and was traded to the Jets after the season ended last year. At his first 4 snaps of his first game with the New York Jets against the Bills, he tore his ACL, and was rushed to the ER. 

He was administered a surgery called a Speed Bridge. A Speed Bridge is basically putting an internal brace in your Achilles tendon to keep it in place. This is a new surgery that hasn't been tested extensively.

Aaron Rodgers was able to walk slowly after 3 weeks. On average, it takes about 6 weeks to be able to start walking again. After 8 weeks, he was on the field throwing pre-game (not actually playing.) Most people take 9–12 weeks to even start jogging.

Aaron Rodgers is expected to come back next week against the Bills AGAIN. He's expected to come back strong, however, and Jets fans are excited to see him go to work.