Golden Boy Is On Fire!

The rising star from Portugal, João Félix Sequeira, is unstoppable and plays beautiful football. The 23-year-old shows his skills and talents while being on Barcelona’s team. He got the nickname as “Golden Boy” from getting awarded The Golden Boy in 2019. 

Recently, Barcelona went up against Real Madrid, which both football clubs are each other’s arch rivals, and unfortunately Barcelona lost with a score of 1-2. But João Félix has already played against Madrid with a total of no wins, six losses, and two draws. 

The loss against Madrid was hard on the fans and the players, but Barça came back and successfully won against Real Socidad with Barcelona’s defender, Ronald Araújo’s goal. It might not be as thrilling to see the score only be 1-0, but nevertheless, the fans from all around the world were still excited to see their team take home victory. 

On September 23rd, 2023, João Félix and João Cancelo officially became players of FC Barcelona, and Felix was holding his new jersey with the biggest smile. He said, “I have had the dream since I was young, and I have worked to make that goal of coming here happen.”

From Barcelona’s official website, Joan Laporta, the president of the football club, discusses João Félix’s arrival, saying, “He is one of the players who has shown the most commitment and desire to make the move to Barça.” 

So with great recognition from the president of the football club and Barcelona fans, it’s safe to say that João Félix will be thriving with João Cancelo, his other teammates, and Coach Xavi Hernandez. 

João Félix’s arrival wasn’t just beneficial to Coach Xavi, but to Barcelona’s striker, Robert Lewandowski as well. They play off each other very well, almost like they’re in each other’s minds. With João Félix assisting Lewandowski’s goals, some may say that because of their teamwork, Barcelona is in good hands. 

João Félix at the age of 19 was already getting glances from Europe’s biggest football clubs and even getting compared to Portugal’s greatest players. Making his debut in August 2019, Félix’s progression was already through the roof at such a young age, and to many this doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Joao Tralhao, who coached Felix when he was in the Benfica youth ranks, said, “Joao is a very talented player, a technical player.” Tralhao doesn’t just describe Felix as a talented and hardworking player, but as a very humble person, a good listener, and a player with a very competitive mentality.  He’s tall and graceful, skillful with the ball, and has excellent balance and vision.