High School and Middle School MESA teams move onto state competition

The middle and high school MESA National Engineering Design Competition teams will be moving onto the state competition hosted by University of California, Los Angeles after placing first in their respective levels.

The competition occurred on April 9th, with the awards given out on April 10th. There, the teams learnt that they had both placed 1st overall. The middle school team, consisting of Aubrey Spallone, Audrey Nguyenhuu, Kayla Stanley, and Thi Nguyen, placed 1st out of 5 categories, while the high school team consisting of Sophia Catania, Lucero Islas, and Lena Nguyen placed 1st out of four categories.

Other MESA centers were involved in the competition, including UC Riverside, Imperial Valley, and UC San Diego, and San Diego State University.

Caidlyn Lowry also placed third in the strength-to-weight ratio category of the Civil Engineering contest, where you need to build a bridge out of balsa wood to withstand pressure applied until it breaks.

The state competition for the National Engineering Design Competition will take place on May 2nd and will be hosted by UCLA virtually due to the pandemic, with all four regions “meeting” to duke it out to see who will be moving onto Nationals which will be hosted in Arizona.