Anti-Coup Protesters Clash Against Government Officials in Myanmar, Asia

As of March 2021, high-class officials in Asia have resorted to excessive violence against the people of Myanmar.

Aung San Suu Kyi (Defacto Leader of the National League for Democracy) and her members were delayed by military force, causing protests all throughout Southeastern Asia.

According to Christine Schraner Burgener (U.S Special Envoy for Myanmar), the events of March 3rd have surpassed the military’s success in seizing another movement just 1 month ago.

ABC News confirms that Myanmar police have been utilizing live projectiles against the protesters, killing over 50 people since February 1st, and 1200+ civilians have now been arrested.

The Office of the U.S High Commissioner for Human Rights states that Myanmar authorities fired several times towards the protesting crowds. 18 more people were slayed, and another 30 were injured from bullet shots.

According to the Wall Street Journal, March 3rd resulted in an event that can be summarized with only 3 factors: carnage, intrusion, and a very excessive amount of arrests.

Myanmar police have used roadblock formation to hold the unity between peaceful protesters. However, that is not enough to keep the people of Myanmar at bay.

Each and every one of them have resorted to wielding fragmented fences, car tires, garage cans, and other household items in order to slow down the authorities.

According to USA Today News, the majority of security forces have been planning more violent strategies since Saturday.

Now with the military as their allies, the police have arrested hundreds of civilians. The arrested are stated to have been held captive inside Insein Prison, located deep in the Northern outskirts of Yangon.

In a conference involving reporters in New York City, Christine Burgener responded, saying “Today, we have young people who lived in freedom for 10 years. They have social media and they are well organized and very determined. They don’t want to go back to a dictatorship and in isolation”.