Knott’s Berry Farm’s Plans To Reopen This Year

Ever since the virus began spreading, mankind has been kept in isolation. People have been required to stay in homes, businesses were forced to shut down, and all public attractions resorted to closing their gates.

After an entire year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Knott’s Berry Farm plans to reopen in May 2021.

According to ABC 7 News, state restrictions require that the amusement park limit its capacity to only 15%, resulting with Knott’s Berry Farm now only being able to hold up to 4350 people max instead of the pre-COVID capacity of up to 29,000 people.
Park executives are both “encouraged and excited” for Knott's Berry Farm to reopen under a less restrictive 4-tier blueprint, as stated by Knott’s spokeswoman, Diana Bahena.

Bahena also goes on to say that Knott’s Berry Farm will need to hire brand new employees in order to discuss the reopening alongside government officials. ABC 7 News has also claimed that a virtual event was hosted as a way to attract at least 1700 new people who are willing to work for the Peanuts gang.

The Orange County Register recorded statements regarding the role that the government has played in this. Governor Gavin Newsom made an announcement saying that ALL theme parks can reopen once they’re able to follow under the red/substantial tier 2 risk status, which is one of many tiers defined by Newsom’s brand new blueprint for the economy.

Spectrum News NY 1 claims that if coronavirus cases were to decrease, the capacity of people entering Knott’s Berry farm can go from 15% to 25 - 35% at a least restrictive “yellow” tier.

John Storbeck, Vice President and General Manager for Knott's Berry Farm, quotes, “We can’t wait to celebrate 100 years of original family fun with you during our Knott’s Anniversary Celebration this summer. We especially look forward to creating new treasured memories as we once again open our gates and welcome our family back to the farm.”