African American Andrew Brown Jr. Shot 5 Times By Police

In the city of Elizabeth, North Carolina, a 42-year old African American named Andrew Brown Jr. was shot by police deputies on April 21st.

The police shooting was short footage recorded on a body camera. The shooters were Sheriff's deputies working for the Pasquotank County Police Department.

According to ABC News, Roy Cooper, a North Carolina Governor, ordered an investigation on the shooting. The announcement was made not long after Brown’s family was given permission to view the body cam feed of the family man’s death. Family Attorney Chantel Cherry-Lassiter described the event in the film as an “execution”.

As stated by NBC News, Andrew was shot 4 times in his right arm, as another shot aimed behind his head. The 5th bullet wound was able to penetrate Brown’s head and reach his skull.

Another family lawyer, Wayne Kendell, stated that it was a “fatal wound to the back of Mr. Brown’s head as he was leaving the site trying to evade being shot at by these particular enforcement officers that we believe did nothing but a straight-up execution.”

Law enforcement experts have made claims that they’ll have some difficulty with trying to answer questions involving the responsibility of using force.

CNN News said that Andrew Brown was just pulling out of the driveway without any sign of potential threats. Once he was shot, Brown’s car was damaged with bullet holes and was rammed into a nearby tree.

Tom Wooten (Pasquotank County Sheriff) made a statement saying that Andrew Brown was shot due to the sheriff's deputies serving a search warrant that included Brown’s self-proclaimed business with illegally selling drugs.

With news out about the family’s viewing of Andrew Brown Jr.’s death, protests have emerged demanding justice for the African American victim. There will be a public release for the feed.

City Officials proclaimed that protests and other types of civil unrest will increase greatly once the video is uploaded publicly.

Social and racial inequality still continues since the past year with the George Floyd protests. As these problems continue, we must monitor their impact on the world.

Image courtesy of "Fibonacci Blue" on Flickr via the Creative Commons License.