Summer Approaches, Covid Remains!

The sun is beginning to shine again, school is back in person (for those who choose to be), and we can feel summer on its way. After a long, difficult year full of uncertainty, summer seems to give us all the hope and relief that we will finally be able to take a breath.

While we all would like to pretend that this year is completely over and just go crazy, unfortunately, Covid-19 still stands in our way. However, just because there is still a pandemic going on, does not mean that progress is going to go unnoticed. Now that Orange Country made it to the orange tier, things are getting a sense of normalcy. Businesses are opening, people are getting vaccinated, and life is calming down.

This progression back to a close-norm is exciting as well as hopeful. However as summer approaches, it is important to emphasize vigilance. Whether you are vaccinated or not, remaining cautious is still very essential to safely returning back to regular-life. This means remaining clean, staying home when feeling ill, washing your hands, and wearing masks.

With vaccinations rolling out and more people getting them everyday, its becoming safer to go out. So as we are going to be able to enjoy a less-hectic summer, we want to be able to keep it that way. To protect and maintain this slow, but gradual journey to return, we must be mindful of others and ourselves.

By doing this, we will preserve the progress we have made, rather than halting it. By working together, normal is not far from us.