How Russia’s War On Ukraine Is Different From Others

These past few weeks have been jam packed with news coming from Ukraine and Russia as the world watches in fear as Russia makes its attempt to invade Ukraine.

The main difference between this invasion and other things we've seen in the past is how it's been broadcast out to the world.

Much of this war has been seen through the eyes of twitter or tik tok or other social media apps. 

Much of the youth is getting their information from first hand sources on tik tok as people from Ukraine post their daily lives and broadcast everything they've been seeing as Russia forcefully invades.

Videos posted have included terrifying footage of bombs being dropped and going off not far from civilians and videos of people taking shelter in bunkers while trying to take refuge and escape the danger.

The other side of social media has been seen on places like twitter from journalists and people who are reporting in Ukraine. Much of this information has been more geared towards facts and events that are happening like Russia pushing further into Ukraine or other things like that.

Past wars or invasions haven’t had such resources and social media so that people immediately know what's going on where. This also lessens propaganda as it is much easier to get the real facts compared to before.

The current war Russia has launched on Ukraine has been very different from any other major war with social media and people from all ages contributing to spreading news about the current events that continue to happen everyday.