What Is Neth Park?

On November 4, 2021, 111 Fair Drive was dedicated to former Police Chief Roger Neth.  

There to celebrate him were city officials and members of the Costa Mesa community.  

Neth was one of Costa Mesa Police Department’s first three sworn officers and the second Police Chief. 

Chief Neth has made a lasting impact on the Costa Mesa Police Department and community. 

He constructed multiple programs such as the Cop on Campus program, Motorcycle program, Youth Services program, Helicopter program, and the Scholastic Achievement and Tuition Reimbursement program. 

He also developed the Area Policing Concepts and the SWAT team, and helped develop the Computer-aided-dispatch (CAD) and Record management (RMS) systems. 

Not only did he impact our community but during his leadership CMPD was the first in the nation to use computer terminals in police cars and video cameras for DUI arrests.

As well as this, he employed the first handwriting expert in Orange County.