• 11:02 am
  • Thursday
  • August 11, 2022

Author: Ava Rice

A History of Abortion in America

Abortion Laws are Recent Abortion was legal in America until the 1820s. An abortion is "a procedure to end a pregnancy". Around this time, surgical abortions were rare. Emmenagogue Herbs and medications were typically used to induce abortions before "quickening", or fetal movement. Quickening usually occurs four months into pregnancy.  Women's healthcare providers, including Midwives..

I-405 Improvement Project

The I-405 Improvement Project widens 16 miles of the San Diego Freeway between the SR-73 and I-605. According to the project's website, freeway entrances, exits, and bridges are going to be replaced, widened, and improved, 11 bike lanes and sidewalks are going to be made, and over 40,000 jobs have been created throughout the project...

History Of The World

History of The World The history of the world is complicated. The particular part or subject of history that you choose to explore determines where history starts. This account of history is centered around the development of society. The events start with the formation of Earth within the universe and end with the year 2000. ..