What Does Everyone Think of Schoology?

Everyone has noticed the change from School Loop to Schoology, and everyone has some opinion on the change they want to share.

Student Hanna Baker explained how "I feel like schoology is harder to use than schoolloop, just because it's very difficult to see all of your grades not on the same page. I dislike how many buttons there are. I do, on the other hand, like how easy it is to talk to your teachers or classmates." One of the massive changes from School Loop to Schoology is that we have to click on each individual class to see our grade, making it harder to access. Most students agree that we miss having an accessible app for our grades. 

Isabella Mils expresses "My entire Middle School and High school experience has thus relied on google classroom, most prominently during quarantine. I don't understand and necessarily agree with why the district would change it, and I'm in favor of the way a few of my teachers are reverting back to google classrooms." I also agree with Isabella on teachers going back to using google classroom; it’s easier to access and see all the work we have to do from all classes in one click. 


Most teachers are just as confused as students, wondering why we had to change to Schoology. They say it's harder to grade assignments and quizzes. Mr. Hancock complains how "The gradebook has no access to students.” However, I’ve heard students say they are starting to get comfortable with Schoology. Many are even starting to enjoy it! We were using School Loop for so long that we don't like Schoology just because it's different from what we were used to. I’m sure as the next years go by we will all feel the same way about Schoology as we did with School Loop.