The New changes for mesa nation

With the start of a brand new school year comes some new changes, a new start time and end time, a punishment system for students who are tardy to class, and an updated bathroom policy.

Why Is There A New Schedule?
The new schedule was created by a law called SB-328. It was enacted back in 2019 and California schools had 3 years to implement this new change. The bill passed because of studies that proved that high school students couldn’t learn that well in the morning and by giving them thirty more minutes to sleep, they could learn better in class.

The Ups
The first benefit of the new changes is that students have more time to sleep, have more time to get to school, and a way for staff to be able to identify who is a student and who isn’t because of the new bathroom policy.

The Downs
Students now get off of school at 2:00/3:35 instead of last years 1:30/3:00 end time.
If students are late to their first period, they will have to do a 30 minute detention at the end of school. The more a student is tardy the more consequences are dealt right up to the point where the student is transferred to Back Bay High School.

How has this change affected things?
This change has resulted in improvements from last year when it comes to tardies as students now have a motivation to get to class on time. However there are still students who are arriving tardy. This new change has also affected students who’s parents work at 8. Making it a ivconviencene for the student as they would be on campus 30 minutes before school starts with practically nothing to do then just wait for school to start. Last year students would arrive right before school began giving them time to only get to class instead of waiting around.

What Is The End Goal With This New Schedule?
The goal the school district has in mind is to motivate students to get to class on time, and to allow staff to determine who is a student with the new bathroom policy. This new policy was implemented as last year we had students who would not show up to class and would be barely punished for it. Students also walked around campus for hours just using their phones. That meant that anyone could have snuck into campus and walked around with their phones and staff just couldn’t tell who was a student and who wasn’t. This new schedule and bathroom policy aims to solve the issue.

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