Want To see a free Foo Fighters Concert?

The Foo Fighters will be streaming their concert on MTV’s Youtube Channel  and Paramount+ For FREE.They've already held the first Concert in England at Wembley Stadium on the 3rd of September. MTV's Youtube channel had the whole concert up on their channel for about a day. then took it off. The only way to be able to watch the whole thing is buying a subscription for Paramount+ or finding very low quality videos on the internet from people who recorded it from their phones. The next one will be held at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on the 27th of September.

The epic concert in Wembley featured members from Oasis, Chevy Metal, Supergrass, Them Crooked Vultures, James Gang, Pretenders, ACDC, Metallica, The Police, Rush, Queen, Blink-182 and The Beatles performing a few of each band's greatest hits. And without a doubt the best from the night was Hawkins son, Shane Hawkins. Shane and the foo fighters played an amazing variant of “MY HERO”. He was playing just as if not harder than his father. Foo Fighters ft. Shane Hawkins Perform "My Hero" | MTV

The Foo Fighters are playing these concerts for late bandmate and drummer, Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins, 50, Was Found dead in his hotel room in Bogotá just hours before they were scheduled to play a concert. They immediately canceled their tour dates following his death.