Meet Fifty Fifty! The K-Pop Group That Made History

The new K-Pop girl  group Fifty Fifty  is breaking records despite  being less than a year old.


Fifty Fifty is a four member girl group. Saena, Sio and Aran debuted when they were 18. Keena debuted when she was 20. The group’s leader, Saena dances and is a sub-rapper. Her specialty is dance and her humor. The group’s main vocalist is Sio. She dances and was born in South Korea. Her favorite singer is Thornapple. Aran is the lead rapper and lead vocalist along with Sio. Aran is very inspired by Ariana Grande. Then there’s Keena. She raps and is a sub-vocalist. Before debuting she participated in creating the original soundtrack of the drama, “The Running Mates: Human Rights” with the song “Take Back My Life.” 

Fifty Fifty debuted on November 18, 2022, with their first song “Cupid.” They've been gaining attention with their new songs “Loving Me,” “Log In,” “Higher,” and “Tell Me.” 


The group’s current top three songs on Spotify are “ Cupid- Twin Ver.’’ which has over 114 million streams, “Cupid” at 52 million streams, and “Loving Me” at 8.79 million streams.  Fifty Fifty has achieved a huge milestone by becoming the first ever track by a K-pop girl group to reach the top 10 on the U.K songs. 

The official fanclub name for Fifty Fifty is called Hunnies. The name Hunnies was made by Fifty Fifties fans. Hunnies is an abbreviated form of the number one hundred. The first fifty represents the fans and the other half represents themselves. If you combine them, it's a whole one hundred. 


Fifty Fifty was formed in 2022 by a South Korean entertainment agency called ATTRAKT. Fifty Fifty is ATTRAKT’s only group.

As “Cupid” became more popular, people started a TikTok challenge with  the sped up version of the song and it went viral on the platform. 

Warner Records announced a partnership for the group to  promote Fifty Fifty in the United States to help them grow. Warner Records has other amazing artists with their label. They’ve signed another K-Pop girl group called Asepa. They were ranked fourth on the Billboard 200 chart on May 9, 2023. One of the girls, Keena who co-wrote the track said, “When I was working on the lyrics of ‘Cupid’, I made a lot of edits in terms of concept and topic. For the best result, our company staff has helped me a lot and provided feedback to every little detail that even I missed. The whole process was very meaningful and exciting.” 

Warner Records was very excited when they signed them because it would create a lot of opportunities for the group.  As Warner Records said, “We are thrilled to partner with Fifty Fifty to amplify their global smash single ‘Cupid’ and we know there is much more to come.”

The group stated, “We are grateful to Warner Records for the opportunity to discuss innovative ways to bring Fifty Fifty to the forefront of the music industry.” 

Fifty Fifty’s management is mainly focused on showing each member’s individual talents and reaching as many fans as possible by releasing multiple versions of the single “Cupid.” Fifty Fifty is gaining a lot of praise from Korean netizens, their Korean fans online, as well as defying small to mid sized agency expectations. 


“Cupid” was released in both Korean and English and the members found it challenging. Sio said “I think recording the Korean version was pretty smooth, but English version was definitely challenging for me. While recording English version, I had to focus on both English accents and delivery of the meaning of the song. Finding the right balance between the two was a bit difficult for me.”  


People don’t just like Fifty Fifty because they enjoy listening to their music, their lyrics are very meaningful. They are inspiring to a lot of teenagers, one of the members of the group Aran said “Honestly, I don't think love has a direct impact on solving a difficult situation. However, without love, nothing can be solved. I believe we always find a way and answer to something because love exists everywhere, even if it takes the smallest part.” 


The girl group’s success shows how small companies should give more artists a chance because you never know how big of an impact they are going to make.