The Champions League is Winding Down

We have now reached the final stages of the competition before the prestigious final. The semifinals will consist of Manchester City, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and AC Milan.

The Champions League is the most important club competition in Europe which consists of clubs from Europe’s top five leagues: Ligue 1 (France), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), La Liga (Spain), and Premier League (England). Clubs will compete for the European Champion Clubs' Cup.

The semi-finals are a two-legged tie, also known as “legs”, where both teams will play at their home fields.

To begin the semifinals, English club, Manchester City, will face off against the Spanish giants, Real Madrid. Manchester City has dominated the Premier League for the past five years, but are still looking to add a Champions League trophy to their case. Real Madrid has won the Champions League an astonishing fourteen times.

Both clubs faced each other last year, with Manchester City winning the first leg at their home stadium, Etihad Stadium, but would go on to lose the second leg in the final minutes at Real Madrid’s home stadium—The Santiago Bernabéu.

Many critics consider the loss at the Santiago Bernabéu to be a failure on Manchester City’s part, as they were 10 minutes away from qualifying for the final, but fell apart defensively and conceded 2 goals to lose. Manchester City will be looking for revenge to dethrone the reigning champion—Real Madrid.

Following this match will be Italian giants, Inter Milan and AC Milan. Both teams have a historical rival which is dubbed “Derby della Madonnina.” The teams have faced off 235 times. Both teams are based in the same city—Milan.

Their first match against the teams dates back over a hundred years ago in 1909. Though they have struggled in the past decade, in the 90s both teams were giants in Europe and competed for everything.

Despite previous success coming into the 2010s, both teams seemingly struggled in competition and were no longer as dominant in Europe. Now, they have made a comeback- a symbol for Italian football as a whole.

Excluding the value of a Champions League semifinal, the fixture is a tradition filled with historical complexity. Both teams and fans are extremely passionate and will look forward to this important clash as one will finally make a return to the final and will have a chance to potentially win the Champions League.

Football fans from all around the world are anticipating entertaining matches and well fought fixtures. Will Manchester City finally reach the promised land? Will Real Madrid yet again retain their title as the best club to ever compete in the competition? Will either Milan team finally return to glory?

Preview for Manchester City vs Real Madrid:

Preview for AC Milan Vs Inter Milan: