Red Bull Rampage


Thinking about getting into mountain biking? Well here's an event that will surely amaze you. Red Bull Rampage, an annual mountain bike event where the best freestyle bikers in the world come to the rugged desert landscape of Zion, Utah.

Every October, between 10-20 of the world's best freestyle riders go to a ridge near Zion National Park. The riders then have a few days to actually build the track themselves before competing. There are 5 awards: The Toughness award, The Spirit award, The Digger Award, The Style award, and Best Trick award. The winner of the Main Event is determined by points given by judges on how they scored a rider’s run. The most points scored in a run was in the very first Rampage In 2001. A 100 point run! The most points you can actually get.

The competition was first held in a different spot in Zion from 2001 to 2004. But the organizers stopped the event due to the risks competitors were taking. Then after a three-year-hiatus, the Red Bull Rampage made a comeback and it was better than ever and in the location it is today. 

If you want to compete in this event I have news for you- the event is invite only. But, you can watch it in person or on TV. To watch it on TV, you can go to the Red Bull TV App or ESPN+. To buy tickets, go to the Red Bull website to then give you information about the event. This year’s Red Bull Rampage is TBA but is guaranteed to be in October.

Top 3 of the Last 3 Red Bull Rampages

Pl. Rider


1 Brett Rheeder 90.66
2 Szymon Godziek 86.33
3 Brandon Semenuk 84.00


Pl. Rider


1 Brandon Semenuk 89.00
2 Kurt Sorge 88.33
3 Reed Boggs 87.00


Pl. Rider


1 Brandon Semenuk 92.33
2 Brett Rheeder 91.00
3 Tom van Steenbergen 89.66