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The Reality of reality tv

The Reality of Reality TV Do you enjoy watching reality TV? I myself have been guilty of binging popular shows like Dance Moms, Teen Mom:Young and Pregnant, Toddlers & Tiaras, and more. But, what are the true realities behind these popular shows? Many popular reality TV shows are guilty of exploiting many of the children..

New Policies on the CMHS Campus

  New Policies on the CMHS Campus Have you heard about the new happenings on the Mesa campus?      There are two big rules you can't miss!  Tardy Policy Getting up in the morning has always been a problem- specifically when you have  to get to class on time. Now with the refurbished tardy policy, will..

Andrew Tate BANNED off the Internet

Andrew Tate BANNED off the Internet Andrew Tate, an alleged sexist, misogynist, and irrefutably a social media phenomenon, was recently banned on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more due to the violation of the platforms' terms of service. But who is Andrew Tate, and why do we care? Andrew Tate is an internet celebrity who..

Frosh football team interview

This year marks the first year with a Costa Mesa High School freshman-sophomore team. While at times it may seem they're no more than just football players, it's important to get to know the team better. Darwin Palma Outside Linebacker #6, Darwin Palma, says that "determination, fundamentals, and just having the heart to do what..