Alabama’s Big Decision

During the week of February 20th, 2024, Alabama’s supreme court ruled frozen embryos are considered children under state law.

This law ‘protects the children’ and convicts anyone who loses, damages or destroys these embryos.

From a broader standpoint, this can be seen as a baseline example of one of the many repercussions our country is facing following the overturning of Roe v. Wade. While a multitude of states such as California and Virginia remain a safe place to receive an abortion, there is a consistent pattern of laws against it being passed in more conservative states.

In the view of many, the Pro-Life movement has become a scapegoat for the dictation of the female body.

With Alabama’s recent court ruling, it will be impossible for any hospitals to perform IVF treatment on possible mothers. Alabama’s largest hospital was fast to end their IVF program as soon as the decision was made, according to abcnews.

The court's justification for the far-fetched claim that embryos can be considered children, was three accounts of couples losing embryos in clinical accidents. While my sympathy lies with those families, the fact is that they did not lose children, they lost frozen embryos. Under the logic that an embryo and a child are the same, we would be able to freeze toddlers and save them for later.

Unfortunately for women, hundreds of couples and possible families, the ruling has already been made. But drawing awareness to the unsound logic in making the decision and the reality behind its effects is within my control.