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March Madness: So Far

The month of March is a time of joy for many people; spring is starting, the days are longer once again, and most importantly to sports fans, March Madness is back. Like every year prior, the tournament begins with a total of 64 teams split into brackets of 16. At the top of each bracket..

Doja Cat Quit Music – Or Did She?

Popular music-artist and songwriter , Doja Cat, claims that she is "quitting music" on Twitter after a, well, confusing scandal. Doja cat had been producing songs since 2018, but really hit her initial success with "Mooo!",  which quickly became an internet meme. On November 7th 2019, Doja released the album titled "Hot Pink," and won..

California Vs. Texas

Beautiful, sunny California is a great place to be, but one could argue their biggest competition has them beat: Texas.  With California having a population of 39.5 million and Texas at 28.3 million, there's lots to discuss in terms of which state is "better." There's only one way to settle this, so let's compare. Schools..

AP Testing

  Introductory Information   The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and that means AP testing for all that are in AP classes. AP exams are what all the AP class is working towards at the end of the year, consisting of all of the information that you learned over the year. AP..