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Dual Enrollment: How and Why

Have you heard of Dual Enrollment, also known as Dual Credit? If you haven't, this might be for you.  Dual Enrollment is when you can take college classes, for free! It is an excellent way to expand your education and  your college application resume. Not only that, but you can get both highschool and college..

Why Live In The US

Is the United States as good as it appears?                  A good thing about living in the United States is its cultural diversity. Many people from all over the world live in the US. 60.1% of the population in the US is white, while 18.5% is Hispanic, and..

Banned Books Week: What it’s About + Teachers’ Opinions on Banning Literature

Background of "Banned Books Week" Banned Books Week started in 1982 by a library activist named Judith Krug following a time when several novels were being "challenged".  Challenging a novel is the attempt to ban it due to reasons such as vulgar language/profanity, sexual content, racism, sexism, LGBTQIA+ content, or anything else that people may..