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AP Testing

  Introductory Information   The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and that means AP testing for all that are in AP classes. AP exams are what all the AP class is working towards at the end of the year, consisting of all of the information that you learned over the year. AP..

I-405 Improvement Project

The I-405 Improvement Project widens 16 miles of the San Diego Freeway between the SR-73 and I-605. According to the project's website, freeway entrances, exits, and bridges are going to be replaced, widened, and improved, 11 bike lanes and sidewalks are going to be made, and over 40,000 jobs have been created throughout the project...

History Of The World

History of The World The history of the world is complicated. The particular part or subject of history that you choose to explore determines where history starts. This account of history is centered around the development of society. The events start with the formation of Earth within the universe and end with the year 2000. ..


On Saturday, March 5th, the High School Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) team competed at UCI. Although schools were limited on how many students could attend the in-person event, the students that represented Costa Mesa took home first place honors in all competitions they competed in.  Here are the winners below: National Engineering Design Competition..