• 10:28 am
  • Friday
  • November 25, 2022

Author: Jason Strotman

Dual Enrollment: How and Why

Have you heard of Dual Enrollment, also known as Dual Credit? If you haven't, this might be for you.  Dual Enrollment is when you can take college classes, for free! It is an excellent way to expand your education and  your college application resume. Not only that, but you can get both highschool and college..

Doja Cat Quit Music – Or Did She?

Popular music-artist and songwriter , Doja Cat, claims that she is "quitting music" on Twitter after a, well, confusing scandal. Doja cat had been producing songs since 2018, but really hit her initial success with "Mooo!",  which quickly became an internet meme. On November 7th 2019, Doja released the album titled "Hot Pink," and won..

What are NFTs?

Recently, over multiple social media platforms, I have been seeing some images being called a 'NFT'.  After seeing that, I decided to do some research on my own. I have found out that a NFT is a "Non-fungible token."  My next response was to google, what does fungible even mean?  I have also found out..