CMHS Theater: Behind the Shows You Love

If you have ever seen a performance at Mesa, you would know of the intricacy of the shows. All the people on stage together and in sync, it is a truly difficult task. 

However, there is more going on behind the scenes than one would expect. The tech crew has to do just as much work as the actors, if not more.

It starts with the Stage Manager. Their job is to make a list of cues, of what things have to happen and when. 

Then you have your Sound Tech. They have to manage all sound effects along with mics, turning them on and off, making sure people are heard whenever they need to be.

The Light Board Operator then programs all the lights and the cues, and runs them through the show, making sure all the actors are visible. 

When it is time for the show to start, the Assistant Stage Managers and deck crew get ready in the wings. 

The Assistant Stage Managers job is to make sure that everything is moved when it is supposed to, and they’re constantly communicating with the Stage Manager. 

Deck Crew then moves the Set pieces on and off, making sure the set is on stage during the scenes. 

With the stage set and ready to go, the show moves on as intended, and thanks to the tech crew the show is a fun experience. 

Hope you can come see Mesa’s next show!