A Journey to The End of Our Universe

A Journey to The End of Our Universe

The Universe is a large and confusing place that holds many unknown secrets but scientists have come up with a summary as to how they think the universe will end, the end of everything.

Despite being 13.7 billion years old, the universe is just getting started, and on a human life scale the universe has only just emerged from the womb.

In about 4 billion years our world will come to an end, once the sun becomes a red giant and inevitably absorbs the Earth with its expansion.he sun will only remain a red giant for around 1 billion years until it eventually burns out and becomes a white dwarf.

A white dwarf is only the beginning stages of death for a star, it will continue to die until it starts to freeze and can only produce the same amount of light as a full moon. After a star completely freezes and dies it becomes a black dwarf, a black dwarf emits no light. It takes a star so long to get to this stage that it is believed that no stars in our universe have even reached this phase of life. 

All stars will eventually die approximately 100 trillion years in the future. This will be the first stage of heat death, then the universe will continue to expand and cool until it reaches its final stage of entropy until it  completely cools and cannot expand anymore 

Black holes will be the last things to survive in our universe, and will slowly radiate their energy away.  But what happens to all the random particles floating around in space?  They too will cease to exist through heat death. 

Heat death is how the universe ends. The heat death of the universe otherwise known as ‘The Big Chill’ or ‘The Big Freeze’ is the hypothesis of the ultimate fate of the universe, during the big chill everything in space will eventually lose its heat and energy until the universe itself is just a pool of floating molecules.

Even the floating around protons will cool to all be the same temperature and then vanish into nothingness, and this is where the universe officially ends, time becomes irrelevant, and our universe will have faded to be nothing.

Since the universe will not have any remaining particles, there is nothing to track time with because nothing happens and nothing will continue to happen making time pointless and impossible to track.

Of course there are many theories of how the end comes to be like a Big Rip or The Crunch, but the reason The Big Freeze is the theory most in favor is because it is known that a big freeze is the direct result of a forever expanding universe.

The future of our universe could look entirely different for all we know because of how complicated and mysterious the universe is, but this is what our future most likely has in store for its remaining lifetime.