Ms. Mathieson Teacher Spotlight

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As well as being a great teacher, she discovered her love for traveling. She has been to over 25 countries, some of those being: Portugal, Italy, Spain, Morroco, Australia, and Costa Rica, All of which were done just last year.  Her classroom is beautifully decorated with memorabilia such as photos, license plates, and paintings, from places around the world. She is “excited at the opportunity to share her passion for traveling with her students” and encourages travel to ”feed their passion for exploration and self-discovery”

As well as her passion for travel, she also dreams of being on the television series, Survivor. She has recently taken steps towards auditioning for the show in hopes of being on the show.

Ms. Mathieson is a great teacher, person, and adventurer, and is always a blast to talk to.

Any Quotes are taken from Ms. Mathiesons Personal Blog with her permission