2021’s First Middle School Play: A Christmas Carol

Christmas season may still be far away, but that won’t stop Drama from getting in the Christmas spirit!

Costa Mesa Middle School is doing their first play of the year, Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol.” 

Only middle school students are allowed to audition for parts, but high school students can volunteer to be a part of the tech crew.

Auditions will be held on October 29th at 3:15 p.m, and will finish no later than 5 p.m. 

Each student will have to come prepared with an audition packet filled out that includes information about your audition and a parent/guardian signature.

The audition packet also includes a list of monologues that auditioners choose from to perform at the auditions. Students only have to perform a monologue if they are auditioning for a part. However, if they are interested in a role for the tech crew, they will just be interviewed. 

If you’re interested and need an audition packet, make sure to head to the Black Box and ask the Drama teacher, Mrs. Portwood, for one.

If you plan on auditioning, good luck, and have a Merry September!