Meet The CMHS Softball Team

As Costa Mesa winter sports come to an end, spring season sports begin, like the girls’ softball season. What are their plans and expectations for this season?

Pamela Kibin, who plays second base, is expecting a good season with her new team. She wants to get better with the team and individually as well. “As a team, I would like to do good and to communicate,” she said.

Another member of the team, Keilyn Kilma, is working hard to help her team win the games. She will try her very best to exceed expectations and grow into a better player and teammate.

One of the outfielders, Alani Bijanjan, has gained more confidence in her skills despite being pretty new to the sport and being new to the team as well. She is one of the starters, and although she may be new to the sport, she is ready to try her best for the team.

Coach Orduna has seen much improvement, with room for even more improvement, with every practice and game. She is expecting the team to do well in the league and even go to CIF again. She believes that they have shown potential and proved what they can do offensively, scoring and putting the ball into play. She can see that the team has gotten more comfortable playing together. She seems to be especially proud of the team because the returning players have helped out with the newcomers, and the newcomers have a lot of potential. She is especially excited to play Calvary and Estancia, as it is the last year they will be able to play with them. “I think similar to every year, we’re going to try and beat every team and for us, Calvary will be the most competitive game and of course, we always want to beat Estancia” said Orduna.

Coach Deats is trying his best to integrate and combine with both the players that are new to the sport and the players with experience. He believes they are going to win the league championships and qualify for CIF playoffs. The team have used the preseason games to prepare themselves for the league games. And of course, he is especially excited to play with our rival, Estancia High School. “We've qualified for the playoffs for 10-12 years in a row, and I would like to keep that going,” said Deats.