Drumline is Here

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The CMHS drumline has now hit the ground running with their show! Their show is intense and serious, titled “Prejudice,” and is based off of the Sneetches by Dr. Seuss.

Students in drumline:

Snares: Emma Erskine, Sean Wucker, & Reese Kelly

Tenors: Han Nguyen, Donovan Roa, & David Martinez

Bass Drums: Caitlyn Roum, Jackson Wrubel, Zack Scherl, Matthew Lathrop, & Marcanthony Jimenez.

Cymbals: Landon Stein, Brendan Patterson, Megan Gurrola, James Platt, & Frida Molina

Auxiliary percussion: Marlene Mickler, Skyler Martinez, Thayer Platt, & Chris Moreno

Front Ensemble: Bass-Stephanie Windsor. Synthesizer- Quinn Handy. Digital Marimba- Devon Rogan. Marimba 1- Brian Vuong. Marimba 2- Ethan Gay. Marimba 3- Terry Cowley.

Marimba 4- Lizzie Nibbelink & Heyward Bradford. Vibraphone- Ethan Doss-Fillmore. Xylophone- Jack Leong. Bells- Jenny Flores. “Rover”- Katelyn Sweet.

-See the event calendar for their performance and competition dates!!