• 6:12 am
  • Monday
  • November 29, 2021
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Homecoming Football Game

The CMHS Homecoming game on Mustang field was an extraordinary event. Halftime dances, performed by groups of freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors, wooed the large crowd that helped cheer on our players while the band showed their support with music. Although our Mesa team held the lead for the first half, Calvary Chapel came back..

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CMHS Drama: The Crucible

With a new school year comes new performances for students to enjoy. The first performance, presented by CMHS Drama, of the 2019-20 school year is “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, coming right on time for Halloween. Taking place in the 1600s, this mostly fictionalized story focuses on the uprise of witch activity in the New..

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What You Missed At Club Rush

Club-Rush has been a Costa Mesa High School tradition for 13 years. The main point of the event is to introduce all the clubs here on campus to interested students and to raise money to fund their activities throughout the year. After Club-Rush, the student leaders of the club must give the money to ASB,..

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How Much Is Too Much?

Apple, a company known for… quality phones, computers, tablets and more are quickly becoming a company known for charging exorbitant prices for everything that it sells.  Case in point, their newest releases- the Pro Stand, which will put you $999 dollars in the hole, along with the Mac Pro Desktop (which bears resemblance to a..

Late Night with Mesa

The CMHS music departments seniors put on their last show of the year this past Tuesday night! Their show was themed as a late-night talk show, titled “Late Night with Mesa.” The show kick-started it off with a kahoot on music themed questions, but later transitioned into the 7-9 jazz band, Jazz Band 2, then..