Want to Join Planet Fitness?

I joined Planet Fitness in June and I have been a member since. Let me tell you about what I see at the gym and my experiences.

When I go to the gym, I always stretch first to get my body ready for the machines, then I proceed to get on the machines and start my workout.

On certain days, the gym can be very packed, and on others it can be less packed. In each area of the gym there's different types of people on the same machines doing the same workout. Some people workout their ab muscles, which is also something that I do when I'm at the gym.

To apply for a gym membership, you can sign up online or through a staff member.

Each member gets a black card that comes with:

  • Free fitness training
  • Free WiFi
  • Use of any planet fitness gym around the world
  • Can bring a guest anytime
  • Tanning room access
  • Hydromassage machine access
  • Use of massage chairs
  • 50% off on energy drinks

This membership would cost you $29.99 a month.

There's also cheaper options for the people that just want the basics. You can use any machine you like and you get a 5% discount on energy drinks. This will cost you about $9.99 a month.