Top  Articles of the Week

The Sport You Never Knew You Needed

Tryout times and dates for this week.

Homecoming Review 

A review of a freshman's first homecoming dance!

Girls Volleyball

Senior Night and Battle of the Bell for Girls Volleyball: find out who brought home the bell!

The Crucible: Behind the Curtain

There’s a lot that happens before the curtain opens on any theater production. The Costa Mesa High School production of The Crucible is no exception.

The Crucible

Support your aspiring actors as they perform The Crucible!

Our Goal

Our goal for the CMHS Newspaper is to bring awareness to students and teachers alike of what's going on both on and off campus. Here you can find articles, popular recipes, and a guide to the best boba place in the city.  We also cover the City Council and the student body meetings.