Coping Without Words

Coping Without Words

Joseph Hufford, songwriter and guitarist, has released his debut album, Coping Without Words. The album is what Hufford himself calls a “jazz/pop/blues” album. It includes 15 tracks that are pure guitar instrumental —no drums, no bass, just layers of melodic guitar that fit so well together. I had a few questions for Hufford, here's what he had to say. 

Piper- “How did you record the album?”

Hufford-  “Most of the songs were recorded in here (Mr. Hancock's classroom) with a SM57.”

The guitars used on the tracks included a Sunburst 2002 Fender Stratocaster and a Chapman guitar. He said he also recorded at a soundproof room at his mother’s school. 

Piper- “What do you think about the album as a whole?”

Hufford- “I think I like it”.

He also told me that the album cover was taken before he wrote the songs, and after he finished the recording he realized he needed to make these songs.

Piper- “What is there to look forward to from you?”

Hufford- “I'm working on two albums, two more. Folk and jazz.”

We should also be expecting more than just guitar instrumental too. “I'm trying to sing in my songs”.

Piper- “What's the feedback on Coping Without Words?”

Hufford-“Pretty Good”

His number one song is “Reaching.”


I've personally never listened to anything like this. It's a very new type of music to me. When Hufford had me listen to some of the album before release, it put me into this almost instantaneous state of relaxation. It made me a little sleepy, but not in a bad way. It’s super easy to listen to this type of music. There is much more to look forward to from this young and upcoming artist.