Senior Captain Spotlight!

From left to right: Chris Rivera and Justin Foreman.

Our Varsity Boys’ Volleyball team is off to a great start for their season, being 3rd in League. The varsity team wouldn’t have made it this far without their senior captains, Justin Foreman and Chris Rivera.

To be named team captain must be because your coach saw that you were working twice as hard to become better, you were willing to hear feedback and correct your mistakes right after, you got along with everyone and made sure no one was a “Debbie downer”. 

Justin Foreman and Chris Rivera are two examples of a great team captain. They both get along with everyone, and they help their teammates whenever they’re feeling down on the court and hype them up when they do a great play. 

Chris Rivera has been playing volleyball for 6 years, and he said, “It feels great to be able to lead a group of great guys and be able to not only finish my journey on a good note, but be an inspiration for a start of theirs [his teammates].”

This is Justin Foreman’s second season of playing volleyball at CMHS, and he says, “It feels like a big privilege to be the captain and be the representation for the team.” 

To be the team captain, you have to find the balance between taking care of your teammates, but especially yourself. Chris Rivera said, “As a captain, sometimes conflict will occur, but at the end of the say, Justin and I agree that as captains our job is to push people out of their comfort zones.

Chris Rivera pushes his teammates to be the best player they can be on and off the court, and he said, “Yeah, sometimes being a captain can be frustrating and tedious, but we wouldn’t be good leaders if we were okay with mediocrity.”

During the game, Justin Foreman said that it gets hard trying to keep his head up and encourage his teammates when he’s having a difficult time himself. But nevertheless, Justin is always cheering and hyping his teammates when he’s on and off the court. 

We may overlook the job of being captain and think it’s an easy job, as Chris Rivera and Justin Foreman make it look easy, but they put in a lot of hard work to be the best team captains for the varsity boys’ team.