Who will Win the 2023 Golden Boy Award?

The nominees for the 2023 Golden Boy Award have been chosen! Over 20 young soccer players under the age of  21 have been nominated from Europe’s top tier teams. The question is who’s skills and performance will spark to the peak to win this award?

The Golden Boy Award was launched in autumn of 2003 by Turin journalist Massimo Franchi through an Italian newspaper, Tuttosport. This award brought a great deal to the soccer world, sparking many interests in young soccer players starting in the teams across Europe such as Manchester City, AC Milan, FC Barcelona and so forth. This award brings great prospect to young players being able to prove their talent on the field to achieve this award. 

In 2022, Pablo Paez Gavira also widely known as Gavi won the Golden Boy Award. He played for FC Barcelona during this time and is still continuing with the Spanish team, becoming one of the top soccer players to achieve this award at his level.

Gavi had beat Jude Bellingham who is also known for his skill to be nominated for this award, sparking great interest to Gavi especially just days before the Golden Boy Award he was given a Kopa Trop for Europe’s best young player. 

This year the nominees have been set, causing great discussion in the soccer world wondering who’s skill will make them be able to achieve this award. Many aim for Jude Bellingham since his skill throughout his time in Real Madrid has been greatly done, making him clear he should win this award. Especially after losing last year to Gavi. Other’s spark their eyes toward Lamine Yamal, Antonio Salva, etc. 

Although this award is only for the youngsters in the soccer world, it never stops others in different leagues to discuss their opinions on who will win and what they will bring to the field to help achieve this award.