Join Our Journalism Class!

Costa Mesa Journalism is a fun class and you should choose the elective. 

Mr. Hancock is the teacher alongside the editors, Ava Rice and Courtney Roum, who review your articles and give you feed back and corrections if needed. It’s a student run class. 

This elective lets you express your ideas to the class and lets you write things you're passionate about.

In Journalism, the first step in getting to write an article is you have to submit an article idea form which is posted on Google Classroom.

The guidelines for your articles are you have to have a headline which is your title, a lead which is the most important information, an image, and the copyright if you got the image from Google. You have to use images under creative commons license. The class is very chill. You just write and get feedback and just work.    

The editors will look it over and then give you feedback on your idea and/or approve it. 

If your article idea gets approved, you get to write your draft. Once you write your draft and submit it, the editors will look at it and suggest revisions and changes. 

Once you get the feedback, and you revise based off their suggestions, it gets published on a website called the Hitching Post 


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