I-405 Improvement Project

The I-405 Improvement Project widens 16 miles of the San Diego Freeway between the SR-73 and I-605.

According to the project's website, freeway entrances, exits, and bridges are going to be replaced, widened, and improved, 11 bike lanes and sidewalks are going to be made, and over 40,000 jobs have been created throughout the project.

A video series, Inside the 405, showcases the progress made. New episodes are uploaded every week and can be found on YouTube. More updates on the project can be found on OCTA's Instagram page.

Led by Orange County Transportation Authority and Caltrans, the funds for this project come from sales taxes paid by users of toll roads, ("state" and "federal" "money pool"), and the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act, totaling $2.08 billion.

Construction started in 2018 and express lanes are expected to open by 2023.