New Policies on the CMHS Campus


New Policies on the CMHS Campus

Have you heard about the new happenings on the Mesa campus?     

There are two big rules you can’t miss! 

Tardy Policy

Getting up in the morning has always been a problem- specifically when you have  to get to class on time. Now with the refurbished tardy policy, will Mustangs start to show up on time? 

So far school administrators have gotten the results they want. Students are showing up to class on time. 

When a student shows up to school late, they go into the highschool attendance office, receive a tardy slip, then a 30 minute detention. Detentions happen every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the cafeteria.

If you are late between periods three and eight, the punishment follows the teacher's classroom rules. When a student receives more than 5 tardies in a single class, they are referred to the office where they meet with an administrator and receive a detention, and phone call home.

What happens if you don't go to detention? “The detention is doubled and the administrator and/or administrative intern will counsel the student regarding the reason for the no-show.” says, Dr. Nina Glassen

According to admin so far they are working with our attendance clerks to assemble this data so that they can see if there is an improvement.

The first day the policy was in effect, students were lined up out the door for tardy slips.

“I just don’t get why we receive detention for being late to class one time,”, says a student at Mesa.

Bathroom Policy

The other policy being enforced on campus is the bathroom policy. Students are not allowed to go to the bathroom for the first 15 minutes of class. To use the bathroom, students scan a QR code, fill out a google form, and put on a lanyard.

With students rushing from one class to the next within 5 minutes and having to go to the bathroom this could be a bit of a struggle. 

“You have no privacy” , says a student at Mesa

Classes on the high school side are use the black lanyard, while classses on the middle school side have green. The colored bathroom lanyards are designed to assist with making sure that students are using restrooms closest to their classroom to minimize out-of-class time.

“Students will follow the classroom consequences and if the issue continues, the student will meet with an administrator. Admin will follow the menu of interventions and consequences if policies are not followed.” -Dr. Nina Glassen

As of 9/22/22, admin has received 5,827 responses on the Restroom Pass Google Form. That averages out to about 253 per day!

The Administrative Team and the Campus Safety Facilitators have seen a decrease in the number of students congregating in the bathroom during class time and out of class without a pass. 

“Thank you to students for helping us keep the campus safe.” , says Dr. Nina Glassen

Student example of tardy slip
Student example of tardy slip