What Do We Really Know About The Queen Mary?

Ever since the Queen Mary has been docked in Long Beach, there have been conspiracies of ghosts that still wander, but how did it get here and what is the history behind this mysterious phenomenon?


How Was it Made?

The Queen Mary was built in Scotland by John Brown and Company for a British shipping line called the Cunard White Star Line, and was built to carry 2,038 passengers. Construction on the Queen Mary began in 1930 and although construction was delayed because of the Great Depression, it was launched in 1934. On May 27th, 1936 the Queen Mary began a journey on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New york. This voyage took about five days. During those days, the ship became popular with celebrities, politicians, and other striking people. Its many qualities included two swimming pools, a library, a gymnasium, and a hospital. These amenities made the Queen Mary one of the most elegant and comfortable ships.


What is Queen Mary Used For Now?

The final cruise the Queen Mary ever sailed was the one to Long beach where it was sold for $3.45 million. The attraction became  a hotel, event space, and wedding venue. It is also home to three world class restaurants. Many famous actors and singers like Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Hope, and Bing Crosby have stayed at this very hotel. 


Was It Haunted?

The famous Queen Mary has been on the news for its several ghost sightings. Many people say they seem to experience drastic temperature changes when entering certain areas of the ship like the second class pool, the shaft alley, the stateroom and the adjacent restroom. Many say the stateroom smells of cigar smoke and perfume sometimes. Another thing people report is creaking of doors, sudden squeals, knocks, laughter and people whistling and talking. Among all the ghosts still hanging around, some of their most seen ghosts are an engineer who died, a “lady in white,” “Jakie,” and multiple children located throughout the ship, but mostly in the first class pool. 


Ghost Sightings 

Jackie Torin was a passenger who died on the Queen Mary by drowning and landing in the second class pool and still seems to haunts the ship to this day. The late psychic, Peter James, has said  that there are most likely 600 ghosts on the Queen Mary and probably more. In 1991, while exploring the royal theater, Peter heard a noise. He called out, "Who is it?" and a little girl named Jackie replied saying “Meet me in the other pool.” James was confused but then realized that the room he was in had been the second class pool during the days the ship used to sail. James found himself meeting her there and began a ten minute conversation with Jackie, all caught on camera. Over the years many have tried to communicate with Jackie and she's been very open. Many say she has a playful side and likes to play peekaboo. People have walked through the pool and reported they've heard her calling for her mommy.that she's stuck on the ship looking for her mother. Jackie only allows a peek of herself before she quickly ducks down behind the balcony to repeat her game.  



Room B340 was closed for rent because of many complaints but it  finally was available for rent in 2018. It's very famous for its paranormal sightings and encounters. Reports date back to the final voyage in 1967, where guests staying in the room claimed sink faucets turning on, bed sheets being pulled off the bed, lights flickering on and off, and bathroom doors shutting by themselves. Some guests even reported a dark figure standing at the foot of the bed. Besides maybe seeing an entity, the room is also provided with a crystal ball, a ouija board and ghost hunting equipment.