The Perfect Study Tips to Get You Through AP Season

Having some trouble studying for tests coming up? Here are some tips. 


Cramming is not the way to study for a test. Although you may want to study at the last minute, you shouldn't. Cramming actually increases the level of stress which makes it only harder to retain any of the material. 


Setting a schedule is a great strategy to study. Marking out times on a daily calendar specifically devoted to studying. Make sure to figure out the time you have to study and how it works with your daily schedule. 


Explaining the material as if you are the teacher helps point out what is confusing you and it really helps retain the information. When you are explaining the material, try to make connections and use multiple examples between concepts.


Reading and re-reading is not a great way to study. This allows you to forget the information easily since you’re not engaged in the material. Instead you can try creating a study guide or make concept maps. 


Quizzing yourself is a great strategy to see where you need to study. You can create flashcards to help with this strategy- just writing the information down on the cards also helps you retain the information and quizzing yourself reinforces it. 


A good way to have information stick is to summarize it in your own words and actually write it out. Do not include a bunch of information in the summary, just the key points. 


Forming a study group can give you different perspectives on a subject. Listening and discussing with others can make concepts you were unclear about much easier to understand. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions about something you are not sure of. 


Good luck with your exams Mesa Nation!