The Possible Future of Phones

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New advancements in technology have been rampant in recent years, the technology we once thought was impossible is now possible. If someone told you 10 years ago that you are going to be able to open your phone by just looking at it, would you have believed them?

Phones are advancing at rapid rates, and in 2019 we are taking a big step forward with the introduction of the fifth generation of cellular data. Users of 4G will notice the occasional buffer or decent speeds, but with 5G, the speeds will be almost twenty times faster. 5G will run at 1.4 gigabits, or 175 megabytes, as compared to 4G which runs at 71 megabits, or only a mere 8.875 megabytes.

Although 5G is a wireless connection, it still requires better hardware in a phone, so current phones will not be capable of reaching 5G, or at least not utilizing it to its full potential. Those in the market for a new phone that is capable of reaching 5G should not be disappointed, Major phone companies like Samsung and Oneplus, are going to release a phone capable of utilizing 5G in 2019, although loyal Apple fans may not see a 5G phone in 2019, it is for valid reasons.

Apple is unsure 5G phones in 2019 will be reliable. It is a new generation using new technology, and there will be bugs and kinks. Apple is taking a safe approach and waiting for all the kinks of 5G to be worked out before hopping on the 5G train. People believe that the frequency being used to emit the cellular data will not be reliable as the frequency has a tendency to struggle penetrating walls and other obstructions that will commonly be in your environment, but we have yet to see how 5G will work in the actual world, mass amounts of people or obstructions may drag down the speed, and we can only find out with the release.

Phones that support 5G will not be in abundance, but there will be some that we can deem reliable. Samsung is releasing a phone with 5G in 2019 along with companies like Oneplus, that will release the Oneplus 7. Huawei is a possible contender for 5G phones, but due to being in hot water with their CFO being arrested, we are unsure of a release.

5G is promising but risky. Those that seek to try it in 2019 may find themselves in rough patches, or it could work perfectly. All we can do is wait and test.