Interview with Mr. Poveda

Mr. Poveda was asked how his students can pass his class, here was his response. He teaches regular and honors geometry for ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade.

What are some tips you have for students to pass your class?

Mr. Poveda said that students should be honest. By this he means that if you need help, you should ask him or another student for help. Students should prepare their note sheet ahead of time instead of doing it on test day. Students should also practice problems at home.

What separates you from other teachers? 

“One, I’m old.” Mr. Poveda said, “In my case I believe in being direct, I don’t like to necessarily sugar coat things.” He mentions that some students can react well or poorly to his directness. He also doesn’t believe that every student has to follow the same path after high school. A student just needs to learn and discover what works for them.

What made you decide to become a teacher?

“I became a teacher because I wasn’t able to pass quantum mechanics in college and that meant I couldn’t get a degree in engineering.” He attempted computer science but that didn’t excite him. 

While Mr. Poveda was working for the Department of Education at UCI, another educator there suggested that he should become a math teacher. “Teaching was definitely the best thing for me and I have loved it for at least 30 years.”

If you could live in any fictional world,where would you live?

I would live in Star Trek.” He says that in Star Trek, all world issues have been solved. “They made hunger go away, disease go away, people live peacefully there.” He mentions the unity and appreciation of the aspirations of young people within Star Trek.

Come talk to the amazing Mr. Poveda in room 114.