10 Common Dreams and Their Possible Meanings

10 Common Dreams and Their Possible Meanings

Many people experience recurring dreams that may seem totally normal and unquestionable, but some experts have taken a deeper dive into exploring what these dreams could mean for the average person.


  1. Teeth Falling Out

Like most, this dream has many unique meanings for every individual, but most commonly this means you are dealing with loss or a sudden change in life. Some top examples of this loss and change could be a feeling of losing control in one’s own life lately or even changes in a current relationship. This dream could also mean having a lingering fear of losing loved ones and a hard time being accepting to change.


  1. Taking a Test

Dreaming of taking a test can have a pretty straightforward meaning, frequently it  represents anxiety or struggles with school and school related activities. While this dream carries a lot of negative meanings, one of the more positive possible meanings is  a future of success and popularity.


  1. Flying

This dream’s meanings can have tons of different interpretations depending on key details in the dream. For example, if you are flying in clear skies, it could represent  a desperate wish to be set free of certain problems and situations in life. Flying in an automobile can mean that you are dealing with problems in life but can overcome them by taking more risks, according to mattress company, Dreams.co.uk.


  1. Tidal Wave

Having dreams of tidal waves or tsunamis  is very ordinary, these kinds of dreams can be a manifestation of  an overwhelming change in life, or a recent struggle with work and school. According to WellBeing Magazine, a way to overcome this dream would be to re-imagine the dream with a new ending and confront the wave by either jumping into it or surfing it.


  1. Falling

Falling is the most common dream in the world, with it’s popularity, it can represent pretty much everything under the sun. But it generally  represents any new ups and downs in relationships, feelings, or expectations. . Certified American Psychiatrist Dr. Nereida Gonzalez also says that these dreams can stand for a sense of helplessness or unhappiness in life. 


  1. Being Lost

Much like flying, dreaming of being lost can have different meanings depending on where you are lost in the dream, like if you are lost in a forest that could represent intense feelings of fear, despair, confusion, and helplessness, and also that you lack support from others. However, if you are dreaming of being lost in the dark, this could mean that you are possibly on the verge of a mental breakdown or are feeling like you are drowning in guilt.


  1. Finding Something You’ve Lost

Dreaming of finding a lost item can indicate a new found flare in your life. You are probably feeling guilty for something you have recently done and hoping to seek forgiveness, but it could also mean that you have a big heart and that you have a fresh new view to life. Most likely it means that you are  very emotionally available and aren’t afraid to express your feelings and let others do the same.


  1. Someone Who Has Died

Seeing somebody who has passed away in your dreams is often a symptom of grief or a symbolism for the end of a long chapter in your life. Overall this dream is mainly seen in a positive light because most people find it comforting to be able to see a loved one at least one last time.


  1. An Ex

Dreaming of an ex could be either a positive or negative thing, depending on how you feel or how the relationship ended. If you have had bad experiences with your ex this dream could be symbolizing some past unhealed trauma from the relationship, but if you and your ex had a positive experience together, this dream could indicate that you still have some feelings for the other person and that you are missing them.


  1. Being Chased

This dream is definitely one on the more frightening side. It could mean that you are feeling extremely anxious about an upcoming event and you feel very stressed and pressured. It could also mean that you are feeling unprepared about what you will have to face and you really do not want to have to follow through with it; you are unready and paranoid and fearing the possible outcomes.


Overall, dreams are very important and complex things that can symbolize just about anything whether you’re angry, happy, paranoid, or stressed. Dreams can represent any current events in your life and hopefully give you some leeway on how to control or handle certain situations.