The Benefits of Art Therapy

(Photo credits courtesy of Steve Johnson on Pexels)

As mental health spikes in cases, there are thus more ways for people to find peace in what they’re experiencing. 

While therapy is helpful, it can be expensive. Because of this, people find alternatives to talking to individuals, and look for hobbies that could evolve into their own therapy.

Case and point- art therapy. 

Art therapy is where you can creatively put your emotions onto paper, or whatever art medium of  choice. It also comes in many forms, such as writing, music, or sculpting. 

From an article by, they detail some of the benefits of art therapy, and how it really impacts the people that practice it. 

“A big misconception at the centre of this activity is that only natural talent can result in a work of art. That, of course, is not true. Anyone can be an artist.”

“Here’s a truth for you: art is not just about expressing creatively, it is also a form of therapy. People who are stressed or suffer from a mental illness usually turn to art therapy to heal themselves. The bonus of art therapy is that it does not have to be museum-worthy. It could be a whole page of scribbles and it would still result in healing. You also don’t need a therapist in order to reap the benefits.”

Art therapy varies from individual to individual, and the execution can also vary. The whole point is to put feelings onto paper, and there’s various benefits to it. 

  1. Self Expression

For those who are often more introverted or socially anxious need a space to really tell their stories without words, art is a great way to express that,

  1. Stress Relief

When life gets out of hand, one of the best things to do is just grab some pencils and let loose. Even when the end result doesn’t end up the most perfect thing. Sometimes scribbles are the best thing you can draw when stressed. In the end, it’s all about putting your emotions out there. 

  1. It Helps to Process Your Feelings

Like with the last point, scribbling can be a great way to get your feelings out there. And when you do so, it can help process and understand your feelings a lot better.

  1. Development of Imagination

It never hurts to still have a bit of imagination, does it? Well, art therapy doesn’t always have to be to vent your emotions to paper. It could also help develop your imagination. Especially if you go into art inspired. And once you do start, you won’t stop until that piece is finished.

As mentioned before, art therapy can come in many forms. For those musically inclined, playing music or singing can be a form of therapy. Sometimes, writing poetry or journaling could work as well. Ceramics and sculpting, and even dancing can be a form of therapy as well.

What’s even better, is that you don’t have to “be” an artist. Everyone is fully capable of making art as a form of comfort. 

So if you’re looking for a new form of therapy that can help you long term, definitely try art therapy!