2000 Miles Around Spain

How much easier is the Vuelta de Espana, compared to the Giro d’ Italia? At first, the Giro seems much more difficult than la Vuelta, but you might be shocked that they are not that far apart. Both races are very difficult and are longer than 2000 miles, but what are the differences between both races?

The Giro d’ Italia is 2141 miles long and covers parts of Europe and goes in and out of Italy into neighboring countries. La Vuelta is 2038 miles long which is 103 miles less than the Giro. The Giro might be longer, but it doesn't have the hardest climb.

The Giro’ s hardest climb will be 7.9 miles long, and the average gradient will be 8.69%. La Vuelta’s hardest climb is only 7.8 miles and has a higher gradient, on average 10.8%. The gradients might not seem like much, but on a bike, the difference is notable.

At the tip of the iceberg, the Giro and La Vuelta seem similar, but taking a closer look La Vuelta wins in terms of the most challenging climb.