Terrifier 3

The Terrifier series, known for its heavy gore and vulgar humor, is getting its third installment.

The trailer starts off with peaceful music, showing a kid waking up on Christmas morning and walking downstairs to see Santa placing presents by the tree. When Santa lifts his head, it turns out to be Art the Clown in a Santa costume, holding an axe. Then it cuts to Art, blood covered, holding a cup of milk and dunking something into the glass.

Terrifier 3 is going to be about Art visiting the small town of Miles Country and terrorizing the unsuspecting residents on Christmas Eve.

The previous Terrifier movies gained credibility in the slasher movie genre for its relentlessly violent killer, Art the Clown. Terrifier 2 went into theaters in early October of last year, with many reports of viewers fainting due to the topics.

David Howard Thornton will be returning as Art the Clown, as well as Lauren LaVera as Sienna. 

The movie is set to be in theaters on October 25, 2024.