Pantera Tour

Pantera is on tour! Their next show is in February 2024. They have a new guitarist, Zach Wild, and a new drummer, Charlie Benante. Pantera fans went insane at shows because it’s been a while since they’ve played because of the loss of Vinny Paul and Dimabage Darrell. 

Pantera is a huge metal band who has sold 20 million records worldwide. “Walk” and “Cowboys From Hell” were two of their most popular songs, and still are. The band was brought together by the two brothers, Dimabage Darrell and Vinny Paul.  

Dimabage Darrell was their old guitarist who was sadly shot and killed on stage because of an angry fan on December 8, 2004. Their old drummer, Vinny Paul, died of a heart attack a few years later. The band broke up before Dimbage and Vinny passed away. They broke up because Phil Anselmo, the singer, went off and did something else, so Dimbage started Damage Plan. 

They are touring in February, March, June, and August. 

The price for each concert is different, but the price ranges from $25 to $195, depending on where you sit. 

Tour dates and tickets

Check out their website: Pantera Official Store